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Added many things to the game like new user interface, building, animation, etc.

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Good news, everyone!
After two months we are back with the latest news from development. Many things was changed in the game since last update. We added a base GUI things like Jutsu book, action bar, spell bar, NPC Vendor, new model, etc. Now we are working on a new version of the server that will handle more than 100 users online.


status of the player (Health, Mana, Energy, Exp, Level)

spellbar (keys 0-9, ctrl + 0-9, mouse buttons)

new circle design of the minimap

book where you can find your learned jutsus

character (sorry for bug, the bg img will be removed)

backpack with your items

actionbar (its like buttons for backpack, minimap, jutsu book, etc.)


ichiraku ramen (first version, without interrior)

Walking animation (for testing purposes only :D)


o Added profile and character camera
o Fixed camera
o Added animation sync
o Fixed server crashing bug
o Fixed spellbar synchronziation
o Fixed bug with inventory saving/loading
o Added total played time
o Moved game to x86 architecure
o Added level and experience bar
o Added server configuration file
o Fixed database connection
o Rewrited server
o Fixed shop system
o Added shop system
o New cursors
o Fixed shadows
o Fixed minimap
o Fixed movement scripts
o New game resources
o Added ingame effects and camera effects
o Updated to unity 5
o Fixed spellbar
o Jutsu database
o Fixed jutsu system
o Added Jutsu scripts
o Added jutsu book
o Added action bar
o Added exit menu
o Fixed auth and disconnect protocols
o Dropped item synchronization
o Dropable items
o New resources
o Character loading
o Item synchronization
o New items
o Refactored UIStatus
o Fixed synchronization bug
o Authentification
o Added item frames
o Reworked slot system
o Added new resources

See you soon :D


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