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Wow, it's two years of my full-time indie development journey already! What a ride.

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This year I learned what it means to finish creating a game. The last months have been insanely rich in lots of playtesting and iterating on some of the game rules/design.

Just as you believe that the game is done-done, there are some new suggestions/issues that should be addressed before the release. And I'm not even talking about the good old scope creep, as it's often not a case of "I need to add more playable characters" thing, but more of a "this character needs rebalancing, and this mechanic could be made more meaningful".

This is how games are made. Their core goal is to entertain, and I am lucky enough to have people around the game that are constantly giving me feedback on how to improve the product. This is great, and I'm extremely joyful because of it. The game is in its best form since, well, ever!

Currently, Shardpunk is undergoing the process of transitioning from "done" to "shippable". I cannot wait to join the ranks of indie developers who actually managed to ship their first game as a commercial product!

With the release date scheduled for Q1 2023, it won't be long before Shardpunk will be publicly available. I mean we're still talking about a few months - but as I am working on the game for a few years already, that's literally nothing.

2023 will be a good year, and I wish all of you the best! May all your wishes come true! Take care!

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