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Game flow mechanics, performance optimization and somewhat more realistic rain.

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Hi everyone,

in this post i'd like to share some of the stuff i've been working on for the last couple of days.

First off, i finally implemented the basic game flow mechanic.
In order to advance in the game, the player hast to offer certain items to the 3 gods that inhabit the island.
This can be done at the respective altars, found in random locations.

These offerings will cause the game state to change, meaning more and more dangerous creatures will spawn, depending on which gods favor you.
Now that this mechanic is implemented, i will be able to fill it with "life" and actually add more creatures.


For better performance, i now use combinations of primitive collider shapes for all plants, since the mesh colliders proved to be too expensive, considering there are a couple thousand dynamic plants on the island.


Among other tweaks and a lot of bugfixing, fireplaces, pitcher plants and water catchers are now only actually affected by rain if they are in the open.


Aaaand that's it for today :)

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