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A procedural seafaring sandbox adventure game. Fight ships, go fishing, search for sunken treasure, do what you want. -Notes on added features, bug fixes, and some notes on weapon sockets.

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Features added and bug fixes:
-Schools of fish added along with the code to spawn and despawn fish when needed
-Fish going super sonic speeds in rare cases fixed
-Groundwork laid for weapon sockets

The sockets are something I think are neat. I want players to be able to play how they want to play, and the sockets go a long way towards that. Different ships will have a different amount of sockets as well as their own unique placements (as well as other things like different speeds, armor, etc.) The sockets allow you as the player to choose your customization.

You could choose to load your ship with all cannons, loading up on firepower. You may choose your front socket to be a grappling hook to reel in an enemy ship, then fire at them with a rear cannon. You might decide you don't want any cannons and would rather explore, so you mount underwater salvaging equipment to your ship to help you explore the depths. I want to give players the tools to play how they want to play.

Day 8


Pretty nice update. But I think it will be better if you would make updates once a week. 1 big update would looks much cooler than 7 small updates.

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This looks awesome! Seafarer is now on my watch list!

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