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Devlog 1 : Our current state (Talking about the progress that has been made).

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This is actually source sdk 2013.

Hi there! So you might be wondering what happend since the last image we posted. Welp, we just changed Postal 3 into a version of source sdk 2013 that we edited to make a base. And this image above is a in-game screenshot. But... there's a problem that consists on the team. Is pretty small and we need coders, mappers and also any quality you have in game development.

Crouch animations from the 2008 game.

This is to keep up the progress since we want to release a demo in 4 months. It's our goal and we want to do it so you people can enjoy the real Postal 3 experience. Help us make this real.

Now, if you want to apply to work on the mod or you just want to keep updated of every progress in the development, join our discord : RedTerrierEntertainment Discord

Now, lets pass to the development update of the game itself :

1. The base itself.

First of all, we started with the Thirdperson mode and stills having a lot of problems on it. But this problems consists on irrelevant things like the menu camera. Also the weapons. Didn't figure out a way to implement new weapons. So we had to use the original half-life 2 base weapons (We need help with that) Now the player model. It had it's issues but now works correctly. We've have been working hard to port the maps that we made before. Textures, models and etc... and that's the next point!

2. Maps

Restored maps seen in the 2008 and 2009 like

Hub1, consists in a shitty suburbs with 10 interiors. Exploration is the best part of this since you can enter all houses.

Hub01 base

Hub2 is also known as the town square a parody to the 1950's style. Where also the comercial establishments are located. One of the cleanest places in Catharsis. 19 places with interiors (WIP)

Town Square

3. What we want in the game.

Welp, the stuff that was planned for the original Postal 3. What type stuff? Interactivity with enviroment and how the player actions would take effect on it. For example, in hub1 there's a gas station. If you explode the gas cannisters it will keep like that for the rest of the game. To revert this, start a new game. That will be the only way.

The story will be also the potentiall hit. Not a complex story with a long LONG lore, no. But choices will matter. For example if you go neutral the difficulty can variate. If you go pacifist it will unlock different missions related to your form of playing. Or if you just want the easy way and kill all the people that gets in your way, other type of missions will appear. But make sure you wont regret! Every choice will define you.

Secondary missions. YEAH! A lot of them will appear trough the game, will be optional and wont affect your playtrought. It will just give you some extras.

The idea is making a launcher splited into sections. Game/updates where you can easily install the game or update it from there. Multiplayer, where you can play the multiplayer mode (splitted since we can't add it with the sp version) and the workshop part. Where you can upload your creations or download them from others.

Multiplayer, with some work we want it in the final game. Modes like deathmatch or play the entire campaing in co-op (4 players max). Other stuff will be thinked on, but for now that's the basic.

A weapon list would be too long to write now so to smooth it now, the confirmed weapons are : Piss, badger saw, m60, shovel, desert eagle, sniper rifle, gas can, chain scythe, shop vacuum, scissors and much more coming!

3. The demo

This will show a small portion of the game potential. Meaning that you'll be able to play a 5% of the full game. For example only having one mission and five weapons to use. And the roaming map being smaller than it's final version. Keep it in mind that this is just for the demo release and not for the full release.

And that's all for now! We'll see again in the next devlog.

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