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In this weeks devlog we show our new alters! We can finally put a face to the names of our three main characters, Layla, Jack and Arthur.

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Our squared body friends are finally gone! Meet our three main characters Layla, Jack and Arthur. Right now the team is working in animating our three characters, and finding better ways to show the transition between the characters.

We also have our dialogue system working, and the story and sound are slowly finding it's way into the game. Below we leave some screenshots of our new characters, and a small sneak peak into alter's story, with the transcript of one of Layla's recordings that are made in the end of each night.

Thank you for reading this week's devlog, and until next Devlog for some more updates!

Log 1

My name is Layla. I have been kidnapped by an organization called Helve. I was submitted to experiments, and they installed a device in my head called polymorpher. It holds two engrams with two different personalities of people who were also kidnapped. Jack a 7-year-old kid, and Arthur, a 40-year-old army veteran. This polymorpher is merging our minds together and adapts our body to the alter who’s currently on the driving seat. It’s crazy, but it’s true. Today when Jack was in charge, our body morphed to one of a child, and we were able to fit through a vent. By day, they are testing us. Making us work together to solve challenges. We don’t know why, but we are trying to figure out. At night we are sneaking out of our room, exploring this facility, trying to find a way out, and discovering intel on this organization. These logs are to be used as proof against Helve, and updates on our days and conditions.

End of Log 1

first person cam

jack pic

arthur pic

layla pic

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