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This is a basic report for the township of Rabat, it covers the basics of what I'm doing so far; and also a true fact about the game that is in development by me. And also my original title name for my RPG Maker VX game.

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In this report, I will tell you the report on the township of Rabat. So far the township is going good, a few changes was made to the original idea; but in my honest opinion it's more different but interesting. Especially with the type of style that Rabat generally has, let's say that if a leader fails there duty bad things happen. Well that is a scenario that is considered for Rabat, also stay tuned as a my YouTube channel will start displaying game content.

Devil Stone is going to be a big game, lasting several hours. Hopefully the game meets and breaks players expectations as a game.

Also a little fact for you is that Devil Stone was an idea of mine during my school years, however back then I called it Demon Stone, which now I only realise is an Atari published game; and developed by Stormfront studios. Luckily enough my game has no relation to Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone.

Anyway thanks for reading, and viewing Devil Stone, stay awesome viewers.

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