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Hi guys, we have got the basic core idea for B2S sorted out and coding has begun. What I'd like to see from you guys and your friends is ideas you may have that would fit the following Summary :

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Born to Serve is set in the original M&B Warband land of Calradia, that 'could' have new factions and town ect. You join a Lord as a mercenary and as you fight for and get to know your Lord more you will gain missions and quests to increase yours and your Lords standings in the game. You will eventually become the Lords elite bodyguard, his right hand man/woman (maybe able to marry as a female character?) You will have access to your own retinue but while enlisted the ammount of soldiers you can support will depend on a few different things ( sorry no spoilers there). One new thing we will have is a type of reputation system with Lords you enlist with.. The ideas we can all come up with could have to do with doing quests for Lords to increase their right to rule, increase relations with a Lord/Lady , start a war , end one...the list goes on.. Now it's your turn. anything added from your ideas will include addition to the game credits. Try be realistic.. and no zombies :P

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I like the ideas you mentioned. I love the last version of Freelancer (v1.5) and am looking forward to this new and different version. For me, any Warband mod needs to have diplomacy and PBOD. I know that these won't matter during your enlistment since you don't have to make those kinds of decisions but it would be good to have them once you go out on your own.

If you are going to mod the troops, perhaps you can also have an option to keep the vanilla troops and equipment instead. Anyway, good stuff!

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The lord sends you and some soliders on a recruting round in nearby villages

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Taragoth Author

Yup, that will be in it already ;)

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can you make the lord summon you for his army only when the faction is at war. It sux to roam around the map and kill parties of 3-4 bandits. Anyway can't wait for release! keep up:) edit: an option to skip battles would be great. It's not so funny having xp and waiting for next promotion day , while the lord is fighting villagers or looters.

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