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A whole new act is going to be added to the mod soon !

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Hello everyone !

The mod has now been released since 4 months, and it was still only an act 1 mod. With your help, I released 5 updates to made, I hope, the mod better. Many bugs have also been found and corrected, thanks to you.

While I'm still doing some small changes to act 1, I can now say to you that I've started to wrok on act 2 ! It will have the same length than act 1, but you will fight in some others environements, and beat others monsters. The challenge will also be made harder in this act. While you were expected to finish act 1 at around level 20, you will be expected to finish act 2 arround level 30.

When act 2 will be released, all it's map will have only 1 variation (with the exeption of some that are randomely generated). I will then add more variations to all act 2 maps with subsequent updates, as well as adding new functionnalities.

Thanks for playing the mod, and stay tunned !

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