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Project Dane is in development. It is having its remaining gameplay features instantiated to lead it into its final playable state. However funding is needed to resume work at a lively pace.

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Project Dane is a hybrid genre video game. It is mixing "real-time strategy" with "action adventure role-playing". As an experimental genre the components needed to build this game were flushed through to build a prototype for the presentation and interaction testing for gameplay features. After the prototype model was made I started work on the engine to run this game. A montage of the prototype and the engine has been made into a quick fun video.

From here on out I will be focusing on making all of the game's interactive models by piecing together features already implemented in the engine. These models will be tested for stability and funness. This is for quality assurance as I would not build something unless I wanted to play it. Once this is done focus on building more presentable art assets will occur. Programmer art will be avoided probably as more versed practicing artists could really influence an imaginative presence in this flat three-dimensional world.

However, further development is hinging on this title getting funded. The engine is built and its features are needing to be tested across various platforms and hardware before a released build can be offered. This is of course on top of finalizing gameplay features. The funding is occurring on Kickstarter. Please help it out, and leave any feedback about this game. Concerns for the art, gameplay mechanics, and the story; I am open to questions and criticisms on all of it. Just let me know what you think.

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