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Just some basic info on the development of the game.

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The progress is slow but sure on the game, I'm the only one working on it aside from having an artist who has done some Facesets for me, which I am insanely grateful for. As can probably be seen from the screenshots, I'm not a great artist or mapper myself, but I'm working on getting better as I go. I'm much more of a writer / scripter.

I really like this idea though and the characters and story involved are many years old. So I love this project and the characters involved far too much to not see it through to completion. I don't know how long it will take, but I'm going to keep working on it and I'll keep updating it here and on other sites as I do.

I posted up a really short demo of the game, two versions one without RTP and one with RTP. If anyone is willing to play it and tell me what they think of the story so far, I would really appreciate it. Right now there's not really any Gameplay to speak of in the demo, it's mostly story. It's really just the Intro to the game, honestly.

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