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We are currently looking for people that can help with scripting and coding that are familiar with Java that can help with the construction of the Taviana Life mod.

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If you have experience in this please visit our Teamspeak 3 server at
Our forums are: and

Any ideas for a realistic RPG mod for Arma please let us know so that it may be put into the mod.
Any ideas for content such as, weapons, vehicles, air vehicles, skins for vehicles, civilians, terrorists, cops, swat, DEA, IA, ICE (Border Patrol) etc would be much appreciated.

If you have any kind of scripting experience with Arma II please contact us if you would like to be part of the development team. We are planning on releasing Taviana Life before April 2013.

We are currently running Arma II game modes such as Wasteland, Domination and a basic no mods required Zargabad Life RPG.

We are going to be running two servers for the Taviana Life RPG which will both be running socket 2011 Xeon 3.1Ghz eight core CPU's with 12GB system Ram each. So these servers will be the best performing servers Arma II has ever seen. We will be able to update the mission file and apply patches to the mod without actually having to restart/shutdown the server to apply the new changes. We can update and patch files on the fly. So the next time a player connects to the server they will notice the changes.

We are going to be running custom mods such as a revamped chat system. Global and side channel chat in game has been disabled to avoid problems with players spamming voice and txt chat over global and side chat. The only way to talk to your team is using direct and group chat. ACRE mod will be revamped for use with all Blufor (Law Enforcement) use.

Since this will be a modded server we will have a server connected to Six Updater.

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