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I'm already on the planning stage of Desert Region 3, but I decided to do my best to return to this mod.

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More minor quests will be put in places like the Monk Temple and Moscow. Now, I don't know what exactly will be put in those quests but I'll plan out what will be most suitable for each location. I'm adding extra locations which were left out of the main quests like the totally different Monk Temple Services building. Music will also be added to places like Moscow, the Monk Temple and Vahen City (all composed and arranged by Ryan Main).

I'll be moving the release status from "released" to "unreleased" until I finish all what I intended for this mod to have. I'll have some of it done this weekend but because I have a busy life and I'm working on multiple mods, it might take 1-2 months to get a final release for this mod to be done. And I mean final. After Version 4.0, I'll move on to Desert Region 3.

Feedback of the mod would be truly appreciated as I'm completely finishing the mod with a final release. And I promise you, it will have all necessary files for the mod so it will be a Full Install.

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