Post news RSS Development Video 9: Improved Bullets, Camera, and Reachable Tile Display

Development video 9 shows some of the improvements made to Vigilantes over the last week.

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Over the last week, a number of improvements have been made to Vigilantes. Bullets have been visually improved, and now ricochet with surfaces. Camera movement is smoother when moving between elevations, and rotates down to give players a better view of the terrain at higher elevations. Furthermore, when an action involving two players, where one is offscreen (such as shooting at a distant character), the camera now moves and zooms to fit both players on the screen.

Last, but by no means least (as it was the most time consuming addition) a display has been created to show the tiles the active player character can reach with their current AP. Through colour coding, this also displays the number of tiles the character can move, while retaining enough ap to use their currently equipped item. You can learn more about these additions in the video linked below.

Vigilantes is an exciting new turn based RPG, developed by Timeslip Softworks.

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