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Explorium in the last year has grown tremendously. This is a synopsis of the recent development, alongside some informative media.

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Explorium is an infinite 2D sandbox game that aims to focus on the fun of exploring rather than typical sandbox mechanics such as pointless tiering up. It's a multiplayer and singleplayer windows game that will be well-polished and more importantly, fun!

Explorium in the last year has grown tremendously. Since the last update, I've transformed the game from an ugly, bare engine to a beautiful, fleshed out engine. The game is nowhere near complete, and really nowhere near alpha. My plans for the game, however, aim high. I want to make a game that's fun and doesn't get boring or monotonous quickly like many sandbox games tend to do.

Features of Explorium as it Stands Now:
• Infinite (in all directions), randomly generated 2D world.
• Online and LAN multiplayer, along with singleplayer mode.
• Beautiful, fast, colored 2D lighting engine.
• Smooth player animations.
• Optional visual effects such as parallax, bloom and more.

As you can see, I've a long way to go. The good news is, if you track Explorium on IndieDB, you will know right away when the first build comes out for free!

To aid your idea of the game, here are some screenshots:

Network Multiplayer

In-game screenshot

Terrain gen gif

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