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Welcome to the Mod: Triple Alliance development diary. Here you will find a summary of everything already have and works in the mod. -Campaign map -Territorial map

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The campaign map takes shape

The map is not 100% accurate, I have changed some places so that the AI ​​is forced to go to a certain spot and face the battles in the real areas of the conflict.

20201212214917 1

South of the Province of Buenos Aires

20201212214929 1

North of the Province of Buenos Aires and Río de la Plata

20201212214939 1

Santa Fe, Córdoba and Entre Ríos

20201212215007 1

South of Paraguay, the main front

20201212215019 1

Main front 2

20201212215112 1


20201212215118 1

North of Uruguay and part of Río Grande do Sul.

20201212215126 1

Part of the Empire of Brazil

20201212215033 1

Central Paraguay

20201212215045 1

Part of the Mato Grosso.

As you can see the campaign map still needs work, we have to add rivers, forests, change textures and make everything smoother. You can also observe that each faction has its settlements located in the real places.

Territorial map

20201212215215 1

This is all for this update, stay tuned for the next ones. Cheers!

Bom dia ! O mapa vai incluir a capital do Império Brasileiro, Rio de Janeiro ?

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Lucastorian Author

No começo eu incluí, mas estava muito longe da frente de batalha e minhas facções estavam um pouco desequilibradas porque o Brasil tinha mais cidades, então decidi retirá-lo e São Paulo é sua “capital”. Se um dia eu adicionar mais cidades às facções, considerarei colocá-las de volta, por enquanto as prioridades são diferentes.

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