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To make it short. I was kinda busy so the time for development was very limited. But I'm glad I was able to implement some cool features. Here they are:

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  • the engine performance could be increased by 30% since I was able to do an effective reorganization.
  • the game now has popups. The mayor building already has one of these (take a look at the screenshot) where you can see some statistics concerning your cities’ financial situation.
  • I put a lot of work into balancing the game. Buildings now have fixed and hourly costs in relation to the other buildings. Incomes can already be generated by building homes.
  • Buildings have now the property “area”. That means that people in their homes feel more secure when there is a police station, fire stadion or hospital close to them.
  • a date-/time information has been added to the Gameplay screen. There are four different speed levels available: Pause, normal (1x speed), fast (1,5x speed), faster (2x speed).
  • many more small changes have been made (e.g. concerning the HUD, which still is not final at all!)

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