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Detailing the development of the new Laser system in The Red Front. Shows the new laser in action and has developer thoughts on using pre-existing assets from third party developers.

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A busy week for development in The Red Front.

Lasers have now been included in the game as a playable upgrade, replacing some of the older weapon upgrade systems. I am far more satisfied with how these upgrades perform compared to the older systems.

There is a good demonstration on what I like to call the LUDT area (Laser Upgrade and Damage Testing).

There were multiple challenges with getting these lasers working. Using a base asset from the unity store means a lot of re-working of other developers code to make it work well in your game.

The scaling on the base asset and the line render creation were completely broken when working at the same dimensions in my game. I spent probably 4-5 hours refactoring the original code to make it work properly.
I am sure this saved some time as it reduces the total amount of artwork required, as well as provides a fairly optimised system.

I added extra particle emitters for the shoot point, point of impact and added in a laser cooldown system which really adds to the feel of the weapons. I llmited how long the laser can shoot for to avoid the player from perma-spamming the weapon and ruining the experience.

All in all, I am happy with how this system turned out.

For other news on this system, see the dev blog update at The Red Front Development Blog

- Comrade Tim

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