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Short update on our progress towards the ECHO teaser trailer

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I apologize for the lack of development updates the past two weeks, but I assure you it is not because we aren't getting anything done. Quite the opposite in fact. We have been hard at work trying to meet deadlines for the production of our teaser trailer. This will be a rather quick update. I'd like to write out a very lengthy and well explained update on the processes and techniques that we are using, but that will have to wait. I'd like to be able to sit down and have a well thought out explanation instead of rushing through it. So expect a more in depth update coming soon.

As for our progress, first of all, you may have noticed that we now have an official logo for ECHO, courtesy of Max. You can find it on our Projects page. He has also completed the model sheet for Eli and for Eli's weapon. He is currently working on more concepts for enemies and creatures, as well as helping create assets for the environment that will be shown in the trailer.

Jeremy is in the process of modeling Eli. The ZBrush model is almost finalized for the most part, and he has begun working on the low poly version of the model. Once that is finished, it will be textured, skinned, and rigged. The sooner we can get that done, the more time we will have to work on the animations.

Mitch has been dedicating his time to learning everything he can about Adobe After Affects, since his task for this project is to handle the video affects. We have a rough version of the intro to the trailer, and I have to say, we're all very excited about it.

As for me, I have been working on both building the environment and modeling Eli's weapon. I created a custom shader in UDK for texturing our environment which makes use of vertex colors and mesh painting. It's very cool stuff and allows us to get a nice feel to the environment quickly and easily. I hope to have time to write an update explaining that whole process. I have also begun the high poly model for Eli's weapon in 3DS Max.

Like I said, I apologize for the short update, but keep checking back for a more in depth look into what we're doing.

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