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Development shows their recent assets for the demo.

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Hello Mortals,

So things are moving along nicely; the Demo is under-way, currently we are working on a number of things from models to textures, coding to eating cheese doodles and drinking delicious tea.However one of the assets we have recently done and also have more of to make are our foliage assets such as flowers grass and bushes.

So far these are based on 1x1 planes for the more simple assets and more for some other assets that we want to have a little more visual complexity.

That's all there is to it really, while all of this is very much WIP and subject to change it at least gives you a little insight for the visual style that we aim to accomplish with Lito.

Any who.. That's all for now, feel free to track the game to keep up to date with goings on and we look forward to sharing more.

After all sharing is caring!

Speak Soon,
Lito Development Crew / Rage Monkey Staff

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