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Some very important information regarding the future of this project, and some info about the mod's release.

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This development blog will be short, but not sweet. After 4 or 5 years of development, we have now decided it is time to release the mod, but in an incomplete state, and we are deeply sorry we couldn't have fulfilled a lot of our promises, but development has been rather slow, and the mod itself has been in development hell. To make the game stable and playable we had to do a number of massive content cuts, which will be listed below, along with several known issues.

Cut Content:

- Khazidan - We never finished overhauling them
- Sari - Was not happy with the way they came out in the end
- Santey - Never finished
- Charni - Never finished
- 20+ Weapons - All weapons with the associated with the above factions have been cut
- 20+ Uniforms & Armour - All armour associated with the above factions have also been cut
- 40+ Castles, Towns & Villages - Likewise all strongholds have been cut also
- Estates - Never finished
- Sailing - Never finished, use cheats to get to the other continent

Known Issues:

- Not every faction has a functioning arsenal
- Overworld optimization is still poor
- Uniforms & weapons have not been optimized fully
- Occasional blue overlay, just disable depth effects
- Balancing may still be a little off
- Starting menu has yet to be overhauled
- Villagers, merchants & Random NPCs migh not have new clothing
- Long loading time
- Most settlements do not have scenes, highly recommend autocalcing sieges.

Some final words: Again, we apologize for releasing this mod in the state it is in, but it's been in development for far too long without an end in sight. We have included the source code so if someone would like to continue from where we left off they can, but this mod is not open source, if someone would like to continue it they'll need permission to upload it, but we would be more than happy to give them access to upload the mod. However with that said the arsenal feature is OSP, so if someone would like to use that they may, it is included in the source code, but we were kind enough to create a template for it and put it in a .txt document.

Finally I'd like to say farewell, and hope everyone enjoys the mod regardless!

The mod can be downloaded here


It's ok stuff like this happens don't take it hard. (:

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So there wont be a patch?

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Perhaps you could still add the weapons and armor not used for the other factions and therefore cut out into the marketplaces?

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I can't say that I'm not disappointed. I had high hopes for this, a shame it's not finished.

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I can't extract the files for some reason! help!

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