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This week, I've mostly been working on the website. There's not much else to do, until we can get a programmer in - everything else till then is pretty much ready!

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I've mostly been working on the website, this week, with what little free time I've found myself with. If any of you have been keeping tabs on it, you'll see i've started adding little animated people to the Scenarios list.
I intend to eventually make one for each Features/Scenario. However, these will likely not be in the game itself - these animated ones themselves, at least.

In any case, as the summary says, things will likely be quiet for a month or so now, till said programmer is once again available - my apologies for the draught of information to come.

Also, in the scheme that I used in MyWorld, I'm going to hand out the earliest Alpha access to the oldest members on the forum. That is, if we wind up with more people wanting to play, than the server can initially hold.

You don't need to be active, you don't even need to visit it. Just leave your email so that I can email you and use your username, so I know what username to make for your game account, for the alpha access, once it's available:

Shortest newspiece ever?


your link does not seem to be working (well for me anyway i just get an error).

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Azkanan Author

Fixed! Silly ModDB autolinked it to :P.

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