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Completion of the Comitium, Morals, and did I waste my time with those buildings? Oops!

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Greetings one and all to Development Update #010! As opposed to sporadic and/or spontaneous updates, I plan now instead to do weekly or biweekly updates, on the monday. Thursday also if progress permits.

My apologies for the day-late news piece! I spent the Saturday nigh at my partner's, got home late on the Sunday, and was up at 5.30 on the Monday, today. And here I am writing up this news piece, before going back to bed!

Goods news everybody! I've come up with an invention that puts the voice of the Professor into your mind!
No, really, good news. Not only do I have one programmer available to work on Project Earth, but a second if it turns out she cannot! A failsafe is always a good thing. Meanwhile, I have admittantly given into my addiction of Haven and Hearth lately, and it's literally sapping the life from me.
Please, feel free to murder me in-game so I can return to my steady mind-warping on Project Earth.
However, once the Programmer begins programming, I'm sure I'll easily be pulling out the stops once more. Heck, I finally finished the Comitium today, in the few hours I've had available.

And with said note, one building remaining!
Well, two.
Basilica Aemilia and Atrium Vestae. Once I have the Basilica Aemilia area completed, I'll draw up the back-view of the Atrium Vestae. Before moving onto the extra-dimensional pocket that will be the exterior area for the Atrium Vestae, I'm going to go over the temples I've already built; Aedes Saturni, Aedes Castoris and Basilica Iuilia.
You know, I don't think Castoris and Iuilia were even built in 200BCE. I'll have to double check this.

Alright so, Aedes Castoris *was* around, but it wasn't the grand temple it is now, instead it was a much smaller, archaeic construction - not quite sure how that looks, though!
Meanwhile, Basilicia Iuilia (Julia. ie, Gaius Julius Caeser...born 100BCE) was not around during 200BCE. It'll have to be a plaza of sorts, instead, I guess.
As for Basilica Aemilia, the area was "tabernae argentariae", roughly translated as "Credit Union Shops", ie, Banks. However, a Basilica was built *behind* the Banks, between 210BCE and 195-191BCE.

Wikipedia: "Archaeological studies have shown that this building comprised three naves paved with tuff from Monteverde, the back fa├žade having a portico which opened to the Forum Piscatorium and the Macellum"

Basically: The building, the Basilicia, was entered from behind the Banks. When you walked through it, it had three arch-sided corridors (alternatively, a single corridor with three archs either side) leading down to a door at the other end, which opened into the Fish Market and Indoor Marketplace.


Insider: Planned Feature of the Week

Each monday, I'll be letting on onto a planned feature for Project Earth,
declining ever so slowly down my list of said subject.

Feature #04: Morals

Whilst not amazingly complex, for now, nor will the Morals system be the basic slider. At the moment, I'm imagining just two bars - Good VS Evil, Corrupt VS Pure.
Yes, quite Fable-ish, isn't it?
I'd like to look further into this idea in the future with a little knuckling down and a little more research.
I mean, it's the classic situation. Stealing bread from a poor man to feed your starving children - good, or evil? What if you steal the bread from a friend, or family member, to feed a starving child you do not know?
Morals and Ethics are simply too diverse to be split into single, or even two, slider-bars.
But yes, for the moment, the milestone is set at the afore-mentioned.

Savings lives, Rescues and Pleasant Conversation are examples of Good.
Murder, Torture, Neglect and "Nasty" Conversation are examples of Evil.

Next Week: Drugs, Sex and Rocks that Roll

This Week's Q&A

Ee-aw! None this week, fellows!

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