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Alas, another updateless update... Nethertheless, Feature #03 and this week's Q&A!

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Greetings one and all to Development Update #009! As opposed to sporadic and/or spontaneous updates, I plan now instead to do weekly or biweekly updates, on the monday. Thursday also if progress permits.

Alas, I have again not been able to accomplish any works! However, as far as I know, I don't have any work for the next few days, so I'm looking forward to a day of Project Earthing tomorrow!

Insider: Planned Feature of the Week

Each monday, I'll be letting on onto a planned feature for Project Earth,
declining ever so slowly down my list of said subject.

Feature #03: Experiences

When you begin your life in the game, including the backstory Q&A during character creation, your player will go through events in his life. This can be from gaining his first childhood pet, the death of a family member or the finding, or losing, of a lover.

When these happen, your character will have a strong increase, or decrease, to his mood, skills, statistics, abilities, and so forth. Over time, this will pass. However, it will always be in their memories - and this is where Experiences come into play. There are, in fact, three different kind of experiences.

Unlock Experience
Unlock experiences are when players experience something, the effect is constant. Ergo, these tend not to be mood-affecting experiences, but moreso to abilities and skills.
An example of an "Unlock" Experience, is a player visitting a Chinese town, and Unlocking that architecture style in his memories. Doing so will unlock chinese-style buildings for him to build, which he would previously not know of.
Another example of an "Unlock" Experience, is holding a Scandinavian Drinking Horn. This will unlock the ability to craft Drinking Horns.

Mood Experience
Mood experiences are when players experience something that effects their state of mind/mood, at the time of when it happens.
An example of a "Mood" Experience, is a player killing his first human. This may take a drastic effect on the players mood for a few days, depending on their alignment.
Another example of a "Mood" Experience, is bearing a child. This may add a permanent, small moodlet to the player (ie, "I'm a father! +10 Mood).

Reflection Experience
Reflection Experiences are when players reminisce on past events, either Mood or Unlock Experiences.
An example of a "Reflection" Experience, is the event of a player's friend dying (Also a temporary mood experience). After the mood passes, the player can choose to "Reflect" on this event, and experience at random either a good or bad moodlet - alike to that "Bittersweet" moment.
Another example of a "Reflection" Experience, is when the player bravely fought off a horde of beasts to defend a wounded ally. He can reflect on this memory and gain a boost to Strength and Physique.

Next Week: Morals

This Week's Q&A

doom3607 says:
... How were you planning on making cash, if not having people pay for it- microtransactions or adverts?

Azkanan says:
Minor ads, donations, purchasable boxed version, game guide, merchandise, sponsorship, etc... There are many ways to make coin in products, friend, other than overcharging the fanbase!


I like the sound of these experiences and moods etc, its something that no other (apart from the Sims however it's not as in depth I feel) game has, it would really stand out. Also a pay however much you want feature (ie. nothing or $20 people's choice sort of thing) for this game could be good to make cash, I would most certainly pay for this.

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Azkanan Author

The moods gives an incentive for players to "go off to the side" and do a little something that a person in the shoes of the character would do. It persuades players to take a little roleplaying detour during gameplay, whilst also giving them a benefit for it.

I'd still like the game itself to be downloadable for free, whilst offering a buyable boxed version and previously mentioned "marketting schemes" ;D.
So, it's kind of how you've said, except they get a box and DVD thrown in!

Also, I'm a strong opposer to having people pay out-of-game for in-game benefits - at all. Complete emersion destruction! So, you fellows and lasses don't have to worry about that cropping up.

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