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The servers are going to have to wait, so in the meanwhile, things can go back to normal!

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In the first 48 hours of being online with my own servers the traffic caused a 12MBPS cable line to become overloaded and shut down. The resulting legal troubles (from overburdening a residential line) caused my temporary dropout from the scene. However, I am back! And Reichshaus will resume development in May, as I set the site back up on some hosting I found and some other misc. details. However, depending on how things go, I may be able to start development earlier, May 1st is just set as a "I am giving myself a little breathing room" date, because obviously, what can happen has a very high chance of actually happening. I seriously appologize for the delays, the subsequent let-down and everything else, but that's life right?

Anyway, I plan on resuming development ASAP, and I have had much time to work out some cool ideas for the game. Again I appologize.

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