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A status on development of mod and future plans for mod.

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This is to inform you of current development status as far as the mod as well as to give you guys the chance to hear my plans for the future of this modification. You may comment below and you may also give suggestions that may or may not be included in the mod.

So without further ado we get into it.

I. Development status

Well here it is the first ever dev diary for Aliens Extinction. Work has been along steadily. Vehicle models that you have seen besides the M577 may or may not be in the final version of this mod. There will be a wide range of vehicles that will be included in this mod that will be crewable and drivable. More on that will come in a future dev diary. As of now this is what i have for you as far as vehicle crewability and deliverability many vehicle in this mod are not currently driveable or crewable and i am working on a fix for that, i hope that sometime soon i will be able to fix this issue and get them to be controlled and crewable.

II. Future plans for mod

As many of you have seen i have managed to get a variety of vehicles into the mod, i have recently been working on a USCM marine humanskin that i hope to show you all real soon. One thing to note on human skins while i am on the subject, as of right now i dk not know how many vehicles or humans i will have in the alpha version when released as a closed alpha. I plan to have the following humans in the mod as far as the USCM is concerned:

USCM Marine (Male)

USCM Marine (Female)

USCM Seargent(Male)

USCM Seargent(Female)

USCM Lt (Male) (Female)

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