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This article is about the speed at which this mod will be developed.

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There are multiple reasons development for this mod will be slow at times. At most times I will be caught up with IRL stuff. Sometimes I will also just want to play games and relax. I assure you though, this mod will be updated. The speed at which updates will be released though, will probably be slower than most mods. Sometimes there may be a few months inbetween updates. Sometimes when the goings are good, there will only be a few weeks between updates. It all depends on many factors. How stuff is going irl for me and Star_Galliou (Star for short). Whether or not we want to just relax and play games. Whether or not we're on vacation, whether or not our internet is working well, and how many bugs a new feature or rework creates. With modding, especially a mod like this where whenever you add in a custom enemy whether from Realm667 or another site you have to re-work it, bugs will pop up. The adding it in already creates a chance for bugs, and the reworking creates an even bigger chance for bugs. Then there is also human error, me and Star are only human and will make mistakes that make some pretty bad bugs that may take hours or even days to find and squash. We also try to get these builds out to you as bug free as possible, which may take awhile for 2 people to find the obvious game breaking bugs, and especially the little annoying hard to detect bugs. These are the reasons updates may be slow with this mod. I hope you understand. - meandog1000 @ ROB Development

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