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It is update time again. Read inside for the latest news on the project!

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Hey everyone, time for another update. This update comes off the heels of a major irl change for me that will greatly affect the work being done on the project. Shortly after the Nov. update I was approached by a company for a COBOL developer position which I accepted. Due to this I do not have much time these days.

That said it should only have a slight impact on the development for Odyssian Void after this dev cycle as I am placing Combine Insurrection on hiatus until a later date (see the other reasons in the news update on our page for CI). That being the case and with the YouTube channel projects returning to two instead of three I should be able to manage enough time to keep development going at a good pace, just not quite as good as I would have hoped.

So that out of the way let's talk about what's been done. Most of the development time over the last two months has gone into continuing the work on the ini file and changes to the global variables namespace to account for those changes in the code. Work has also been done on the menus to get more of them completed including some new bits of code that have allowed me to compress greatly the size of the message processing function by removing the input checks at the end of any function that returned such input; something like 200 to 270 lines of code replaced with about 102.

I have also been working on adding in a threaded mining system so that all of your equipped mining lasers can be utilized at the same time as well as working on the skill system. Several of these topics are covered in the developer's vlog, which is much shorter this time (8 videos), so for more info check them out.

Another change has been done on the audio side of development. I will be producing one beta track each update that will go on to be used in the game. These tracks will be worked on all the way until we reach beta (currently planned for starting at version 2.0). Right now most of it will be more synthy stuff but I will eventually be getting the EastWest CCC3 Pro (which costs a lot of money) so that I can do some higher quality instrumental work.

One last thing before I leave you the music video and the developer's vlog as well, it is about the introductory video. This will be a channel trailer of sorts but it will have a ton of information in it. I finally finished recoding it last month but have not been able to get it rendered out as I need to create some more graphics to use during the video. It is about 3 hours and 45 minutes long as of right now though I will likely be re-recording a few sections for quality reasons.

I am aiming to have it ready for the next update along with some more empire information cards (placed in the infographic template I am working on).

That is all there is for this update. Here are the Developer's Vlog and audio videos:

Thanks for following the project!


Bookmarked to check out these blogs later! Thanks for the updates.

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