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The campaign system consists of several layers: low-detail, high-detail, boarding from one map to another and the storyline handling. This news is about the latter, about the 0 B.C. Time Machine trigger and storyline machine.

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Gallic Wars #1, Defend the village.

Gallic Wars #1, Defend the village.- State machine, enter, leave conditions and message system.

- Allows story per player, and storyline that all share.

- Modular component to allow reassignment or multiple storylines depending on campaign state.

- Full use of siege engines and other entities.

- Supports differents attack compositions.Gallic Wars #1, Defend the village.

- Diplomatic ties.

- Allows dynamic placement of structures and thus territories (0BC only due to deep changes, felt, everywhere).

- Allows automatic modifications without requiring external static/manual technology, e.g. removing decay from structures, such that no civil center is required (which allows for something like mini-civs).

- Proof of concept Gallic Wars Campaign Part 1 scenario finished, including last Roman effort to turn the tide and fully balanced.

- Featuring stackable entity and central strategy shieldbearer entity (without it, the Gauls have quite some resource gathering problems).

- A dynamic system to allow for RPG like actions of individuals like a Roman Centurio having a look at the village and hunting down all your heroes (he's a 10x bonus against your heroes).

- If no hero can be found, the Centurio retreats or hides randomly somewhere on the map.

Gallic Wars #1, Defend the village.

- Increasing and decreasing attacks strengths and a dynamic interval. (required changes to 0AD trigger code, of course this was doubted by the 0AD team for a long time, I got used to their 'not seeing the necessity for changes thingy' - of course as always and everyone just believes, when you hit the same problems. Anyway, nevermind. We're humans, no supermen or uberpower aliens.).

- Druid that somewhat makes the Gauls invincible though it's difficult to keep all your units in control, they go for excursions themselves. They like the forrest and their animals too much. And Romans no less. :-)

- Global events (like random catastrophes).

- Random actions, like Centurio excursions.

- Ships passing by randomly, at times aborting or being not willing to trade either to circumstances on the ground (enemies in harbour region) or to mood. For a lively experience.

Upcoming (related)

- Dynamic player addition and removal.- Campaign mode (low detail).- Dynamic enter and leave loading. (to be determined if over-border actions are possible, it's a bit a primer as the 'Total War' system is not very desirable and thus we need a nicer solution. Btw. crazy name 'Total War' - who had this mad idea? To me as a German that's a bit weird, we're no longer interested in 'total wars'. And it's war promotion too. Highly undesirable.)
- Full multiplayer support (it's not hard-coded -> players can share storylines or merge -> can change the campaign happenings this way, too).

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