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Transition animations on a per animation base, for maximum artistic flexibility and yet another efficiency boost.

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The Breakthrough:

- Allow transition animations per animation, define as onenter and onleave attributes in the actor XML files.

- Allow to set Animation time freely.

- Allow to change entity selection at any time (may update animation if model recreation).

- The rewrite is the foundation for the elaborated Inventory system.

The inventory epicness we always wanted (and know from RPG) now is possible: Entities can now have secondary weapons and exchange those in real time - fully animation compatible.
Isn't this like an old hobbit's birthday present?


Putting animation rework #1 and #2 to good use. Creating a proof of concept mounted knight using animation play direction flipping and transition animations. It'll take our minorst servant Radagast quite some time to create the mounting a horse animation.

Also we need to finally make the new State system coherent with the XML rework (allow for subject and object sensitive state).

Of course more news will be posted once we break through the prop and stacked entity system and hopefully any time soon have a video to show for this too.

radagastearendil Author

The inventory system is 50% done. The engine is ready to go, just missing the scripting side now. Will post news and video of the inventory system ASAP.

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radagastearendil Author

Scripting side done, need to create content that units can wear, e.g. armours or similar. Also requires a rewrite of the battle system to take active items of the inventory into account ... (currently e.g. better armour or more powerful weapon has no effect, will rewrite that ASAP too)

Also the magic philosophers need to get into high-efficiency animation creation to add all missing transition animations. Huge challenges ...

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radagastearendil Author

How epic, we have an inventory system we know from RPG just right in the midddle of our Real time strategy adventure. :)

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