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Allow animations to play in the reverse direction. Allows artists to use the same animation for different purposes. e.g. mounting and unmounting a horse or closing and opening a gate or raising sails.

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Refs 0AD.Ticket#1550.

Yet another performance boost:

- Allows actor XML files to specify that animations shall be played in reverse direction by default.

- Permits the simulation to change the animation direction at any time and retain animation information like ammunition prop point visibility or animation time. (This way you can cycle within a part of the animation.)

- Adds Atlas Scenario Editor GUI to view animations both in forward and reverse direction.

Reverse animations ingame - Mod DB

Upcoming Transition Animations

Putting the animation play direction feature to good use in transition animations. Following proof of concept mounted knight featuring synchronized animation and stacked entities.


It's great to see that you guys are making progress. Good job.

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radagastearendil Author

Thanks man. Never stopping, transition animations are in the pipeline, then either seasons or a huge pathfinder rework to allow fancyness like roads which 0AD rejected so much and I like so much. :D

Currently failing uploading an ingame video (Does ModDB not allow short vids? It's only 14secs but those are better quality than the other 4min video.).

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radagastearendil Author

Currently stuck with trying to update the entity selections when transition animation requires distinguishing on a per prop/stacked entity base. That Animation Rework #2 made me to rewrite quite some files and add heaps of things ...

Nevermind, it will give us transition animations on a per animation basis which is pure epicness. Can hardly believe it myself.
Only missing that final bit.

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radagastearendil Author

Let's call this a redesign with everything but regressions? At least it's giving us transition animations with queue and timing, i.e. the simulation doesn't need to care for when to switch states and yet the visual appearance will be as expected.

Some performance improvements also found their way into the graphics system. Entering debugging phase now ... how I'd like transition animations, can't await using this for epicness like mounting a horse and back again .. or climbing an outpost .. endless possibilities.

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