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Making more little progress since development report #3, preparing something to showcase later.

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Hello ModDB !

Some news concerning Revenge of Love, not big stuff, but some things that might interest you, I stop wasting my time and here are the news.

Story's remake, in good progress

The story's overhaul in development progress #3 is in good shape, it's not complete yet but I'm proud of the progress I make on it.
I'm trying to get a lot of references from movies and video games, if you know any great video game, movie that can inspire me for finishing the story, feel free to suggest it in the comment section.


This is where most of the progress is, first of all, after working on 2 weeks on the new weapons system, I decided to removed it.
What is that weapon system ? This system added a series of checks/actions that imitates the behavior of weapons in Cry of Fear, when you were on a ladder, sprinting or jumping, you couldn't use your weapon, by using I mean firing, reloading, switching to another weapon.
Why it has been removed ? While it was fun for a while, I found it didn't "fit" with Revenge of Love gameplay style.
I started implementing some other minor gameplay stuff and kept working on some other which I already announced in development progress #3.

Do you want Half-Life backward compatibility ?

In development progress #3, I said that most of Half-Life's stuff will be removed, some was left and some was renamed. But after thinking for a while, I told myself : "Hey, why not ask the community about this ?"
So here it is, do you want Revenge of Love to support Half-Life content ? In other words, do you want to be able to play Half-Life's maps under Revenge of Love's stuff ?
Of course, we are aware that they will be some restrictions such as you must own Half-Life to do this and you will be using Revenge of Love's gameplay/weapons. I would like to know more about this so please, discuss about this in the comments section.

Preparing something to showcase

Yes, you've read it right, I'm preparing some stuff to show you, I don't know yet if it will be a series of screenshots or a video but stay tuned for it.

Like always, feel free to comment, suggest and don't forget to tell me if you are interested in Half-Life backward compatibility !


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