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It's been a while since the last news, but nice stuff ahead !

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Hey ModDB !

This is the second development report progress on Revenge of Love, like always, we will give you a report on the progress made since the last development progress.

Track us on Twitter and Facebook

You may have already seen it on the mod's home page that we are on Twitter and you can follow us, we are also on Facebook so you can like us and follow us !


If you are tracking progress of our mod's base : ARRANGEMENT, you may have seen that SETENTIA is close to release ARRANGEMENT, they said that they will try to release it this year. We are providing them a great amount of help and moral support to try to get a polished clean ARRANGEMENT to players. Helping ARRANGEMENT is benefit for both SETENTIA and us.


There isn't a big progress in this area we admit, but we have done something at least, we have been experimenting some stuff concerning profiles, stats and rewards. We managed to get a simple base running, we made a developer map which is a box and contains a spawn, a reward weapon (we took our MP5 as example), a button, if you try to pick up the MP5, the pick up will be denied and a message will be displayed, if you push the button, you unlock the MP5 and you can pick it up, fire it, reload it... With this, we managed to get a simple "Read and write in profile" stuff working. However, we need to do some extra work on this, it is not totally secure as it can be easily bypassed, so this is why we have to code some security.

Level Design

This is where we made a great progress, a lot has been made on our sewers, the second map is starting to breathe and we have done the basic layouts of many next maps. For those who don't understand clearly what we meant with "layouts", we have designed the maps in their very basic forms, there is the floor, ceiling, sky, walls, structure, spawn, weapons, ennemies and nothing more. There is no props, detail, textures or stuff like that. Designing layouts also allow us to test specific game play and/or cut-scenes, in the final version of the mod, everything will be detailed of course.

Contribution to Team Psyskallar's Cry of Fear

We developers are also gamers, when we want to relax or we want to recover from huge amount of work, we are playing. Shepard (me) likes to play some HL1/HL2 mods, one of them are "Cry of Fear". Because Cry of Fear became one of the most popular HL1 mods, being Greenlit and shared some stuff within the modding community, We have personally decided to port our sewers map in Cry of Fear, this ported version is meant for Cry of Fear's Suicide/Survival game mode. Huge amounts of modifications were made to make the ported version to fit like a glove in Cry of Fear's world. You can expect to download this ported version soon, at the moment I am writing, Cry of Fear's standalone version will be soon released and we are fixing the last bugs and adding the last details. We haven't decided to make a ported version to make some marketing for us and/or destabilize Cry of Fear and it's developers and/or get the MP5 weapon donation, we have decided to make it for the fun and because and to reward Team Psyskallar of their huge amount of work to deliver a great game.

And that's make the end of the Revenge of Love's second development report, feel free to comment, suggest =)

See you next time !


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