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Most interesting of the developments lately. (Scanner-pollinator, new model of rebels, screenshots).

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Hi, moddb!
As usual, I will present the most interesting of the developments lately!


Scanner-pollinator. Oh no, just a pollinator. A drone-pollinator. It is a complete reworking of an ordinary scanner, reprogrammed to the rebels side. What does he do? Its work as "revive generator" (I wrote about it in first news), but unlike it, the effect of the pollinator extends toSmall areas. Also he is able to heal the player.


A new rebel.
At the moment, only 1 rebel is ready, but very soon I will finish others and be sure, I'll show them.


What we have:
*Special armor (capable of charging from electro-strokes)
*Emergency beacon
*Headset for communication
*Cap (most likely will only be with this model)


Others screenshots:

(Headcrab-carrier in "action")

headcrab-carrier in action

Thank you for attention!


Holy crap this looks good, strangely enough I'm getting a Half-Life 2: Episode 4 vibe from the maps.

If you ever want to drop onto the SMC Discord and make a mod channel for this mod I'm sure people would love to see active development of this!

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Looks really amazing.

Just out of curiosity will there be any New NPC's or Weapons?

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Andrey_Gorkin Author

NPC: im working on this
Weapons: At me is in plans to create weapon, but I am not sure of his need yet.

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oh this look good :D

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I love, LOVE the NPC variety. I mean, an improvised healing bot? That's awesome!

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Lol that Rebel Guy looks like Sgt. Johnson from Halo.

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