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Finally after a long break we're beginning to work on this again. Below some things that are being worked on and that have been fixed.

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First off, Doom-ITA has showed me screenshots of his new level, Center of Illusions. While it's still in ultra early alpha stages it seems to be promising. It's going to be a puzzle oriented map, even more than Mirage. Below some screenshots. - A pretty tall tower indeed. - This is the candle-path puzzle. The candle will move on the floor and you will have to follow it, unless you want to die. - And here's a room with another puzzle, but I'm not telling you what's going on here :P

Anyway talking about Mirage, it did have a few issues in the last beta (well it still does) but I managed to fix multiplayer incompatibility with one of the teleports as well as making the boss fight less insane. I replaced the Cyberdemons at the end with Incubi, that still provide a challenge but are less insane than cyberdemons. Addittionally, there's much more ammo and health as well as a Haste rune. The boss music theme also changed, and the boss is just as tough as ever!

I am also introducing some new powerups. For example I replaced the light googles with a demonic artifact that acts just like it. When the new skulltag build comes out, I will also add the Ammo sphere, which ATM is not supported by the latest build (Heh). There are also a few new monsters and I notice that a few of the monsters I introduced in the latest alpha cause crashes online... I have no clue why they do that, but since they don't appear in any level for now fixing them is not a high priority for the moment.

For extra lulzy, Omegahax on map44 has new sounds (If you have played Redneck Rampage you will recognize them immediately :P) and I'm nerfing pacman on map45 and removing some pacman ghosts from the red key area. they made it too hard.

I also had a dislike towards some skies. Namely the sky of Lost Colony and Phobos Phobia. So I replaced them with some other that are imho better looking. Tell me what you think! Lost Colony Phobos Phobia

I especially like the first one. But both are looking way better than the old ones I think... Credits to scalliano, the author of the skybox.

Here also are two screenshots. They're nothing you've never seen before, but I felt like posting them anyway.

I'll keep fixing all the bugs I find (new skulltag versions also make new bugs come out heh) and continue working on the maps. Hopefully we can get a new map finished for the next beta (and I don't know when we're going to release it btw).

Oh and, there are also some other things we have in mind...

But again, more on that on a later date.

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