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Our third stage will be based on music, here's what we're planning to do with it.

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Our third planned stage is based on music. This stage belongs to the boss Fuze, a rockstar-type character

My concept for the level is to represent her character through the changes in the scenery.

(these are all concept images, not in-game yet)

The stage starts out with scenery based on classical music, with brass wind instruments as a main theme:

The Sound Ribbons will push the player up or down, depending on the color

The level will then transition to a more modern setting. The middle point will be a mini-boss battle that will involve this pink and green water, which I’m still trying to figure out exactly the mechanic behind it

The second part of this stage will have a more vibrant feel to it. The concept here is that Fuze has redecorated the place by painting it green and pink, and throwing ribbons everywhere. Here the scenery represents string instruments, with this keyboard motif, and guitar enemies

A blue guitar shooting musical notes

A jumping pink guitar

A singing siren

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