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"Conquest De Europa", when released in Early Access, will not be a full Module for Mount & Blade: Warband, Napoleonic Wars will be required to run the game.

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Conquest De Europa - Mount & Blade: Warband

Conquest De Europa

"CDE" is a full 'Module' for Mount & Blade: Warband; Napoleonic Wars will not be required to run the mod. The mod will allow for a single-player campaign experience that is set in the Napoleonic Era and will include the proud nations:

  • L'Empire Français (Empire of France)
  • The United Kingdom (Great Britain)
  • Kongeriget Danmark-Norge (Kingdom of Denmark-Norway)
  • Kaisertum Österreich (Empire of Austria)
  • Königreich Preußen (Kingdom of Prussia)
  • Rossiyskaya Imperiya (Russian Empire)
  • Księstwo Warszawskie (Duchy of Warsaw)
  • Reino de España (Kingdom of Spain)
  • Il Regno d'Italia (Kingdom of Italy)
  • Koninkrijk van Holland (Kingdom of Holland)
  • Reino de Portugal (Kingdom of Portugal)
  • Konungariket Sverige (Kingdom of Sweden)
  • Osmanlı Imparatorluğu (Ottoman Empire)

Many choices are presented in terms of character customization and ways in which to play this mod, these include: the vast range of rifles, muskets, swords, horse types, uniforms, banners and, most importantly, your character's backstory which you can edit in detail at the beginning of the game and continue to build upon throughout as you wage war in the early 19th Century, raiding supply lines, bringing trade through the major regions of conflict as a merchant, serving under your general as a member of the national army or by forming your own regiment and fighting for king and country!

We are currently working towards building a story-line campaign (same sort of idea as in Viking Conquest), this will take a while however but is the first major objective and will likely be released late in the Early Access. The next objective will be to incorporate a co-operative game type to some degree; the extent of this will have to be explored before any definitive detail can be added. Be warned, however, this may not be possible due to the games limitations on somethings and also be aware that this has not been properly done yet.

if you have any further questions feel free to contact Black Banner (or anyone from the dev team for that matter) on Steam: Black-Banner, punjabi_panda, Sir_Wolf

I will keep you updated on the release date but cannot give any clear date as of yet

4th Regiment of Foot Texture <------|------> US Foreign Intervention Texture

Danish Line Infantry Texture <------|------> Norwegian Skitrooper Texture

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