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About the fluid, his genes. And the way they are displayed : trough the assembler and the detector

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Better every time ! The genes fonts have been upgraded. They are displayed on the Detectors (bottom left hand corner) and Assembler (upper-right circle) . In the first case, it shows the fluid consistence in the Webden, this could be useful to determine which programs have been recently used (creating a lack of gene quantities) and how much the actual fluid could affect your own genes storage.

The Assembler shows in the same way your own genes (fluid) storage. You can stole compressed fluid from a Original Terminal for your own. And after, using your Assembler, you pick genes from your stock, depending on the program you want to call.

It will shows the program in progress, It may be the center of the shortcuts 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0,delete (if I move the Keyboard in) if I make different program with customizable configurations. Otherwise, it will be only here for seeing cool animations

First attempt :

Development screen 27/04/11

Better a few days after :

Development screen 30/04/11

Big big new map Yeeepee ! :

Moshanyana Map v.2

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