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Presenting new graphics and explaining some new features in the game.

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Hello everyone,
I am going to present you some of the new features in game. As I said in the last post, all graphics of the game are going to get improved and it's already 4 of 6 factions done. And one of the missing factions doesn't need much improvement. So the graphical part will be finished very soon. The only missing things to finish the game are 3 tracks for the score, some voice recording for the latest campaign levels and finally a test of those last campaign levels. I hope that this will be done until 1st April, but should be definitely finished until 1st May.

But the waiting will be worth it! Here are some new features of the game:

- Multi-player Challenges:The single-player included Challenges like Tower defense or Uncle Sam, where all resources are delivered automatically. You can play now these challenges also in multi-player either in coop mode or against each other.

- Challenge Creation:Those challenges are based on a simple script language, so you can create your very own (single- and multi-player) challenges. After the release I'll make a tutorial showing how to create a challenge.

- More Challenges:There will be even more challenges than originally planned in the game, so you don't have to learn the script language if you don't want to. There are already a bunch of challenges included.

- Better Balancing and new Units:The Ixir had been way to good in rushing and too bad in late game. So the Ixir have now to research the basic military units making it much more difficult to rush the enemy, but got a special building "the portal", where troops come periodically trough.
~ Kenten Fina, Frudelsoft Developer

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