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Week number 86 was a slow one, so the log entry turned out to be rather short as well.

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It’s mid-2017, so it isn’t all that intuitive that we closed the accounts and filed our tax declaration for 2016 only now, but that’s usual practice and that’s what I did at the beginning of the week. Glad to say that we made a tiny profit last year but we really need to get Prosperous Universe out of the door to keep it that way :-)

For the remainder of the week I was more or less out of service after I got hit by a heavy cold. But since there is only so much idling I can take, I used at least some of my time below blankets on the couch to do some planning and to read up on technical developments that might and will affect our project(s) eventually.

Last but not least, and despite me saying in last week’s log that we won’t be talking about this topic again for a while, some more work went into the Material Tree Editor, mostly to prepare the integration of Michi’s work on the world editor.

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