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Since there is a lot of time for me, not regretting, keyboard and mouse, and threw the next part of the development diary. Just you, just, read, admire, ask the boxes, and we will respond! :)

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Here is the another part of the development log.


Exactly a month ago that I started in development, so I would like some information about the game betray and developments.

First. Every week I will now update the data sheet, or more precisely, on Sundays. The update will be included in a greater or lesser development news, the progress of the project, what kind of bugs, problems encountered (ran) into it, and I will enrich Gama 2-3 face sheet, or if that time comes, throw more videos the gameplay. ;)

Second, let's see what we got so far and what we expect in the near future!

The number of maps (so far) approx. 53db was counted, the tracks were also introduced to the game, only the repair and need to be determined.
One thing I noticed inside the Neosed Tower, and even that nasty floor texture. This mistake is a good 15-20 minutes to floortextures upgraded a notch, the result can be viewed in the picture above.

Exposing the group also unveiled a few in-game, which will be given a major role in the game:

Effective Corporation - The protection of civilians, and eliminate the illegal business, or to destroy pirate groups formed organization has been created centuries ago. The Neosed planet they are currently in power. Bloody clashes, and later war with the Cyborg Dominators.

Cyborg Dominators - They're the bad guys, who all occupy the Neos and the intended coup. Their purpose is unknown outside csoportukon. Members of their fanatical Cyborgs. It is worth noting about them is a rule: Either they are or against them. They can not stay neutral.

Well-expanding array of characters as well. 4, the latest picture from right to left, the characters:

- AXLE-22 - Lightweight Robot, is Effective Corp., default battle robot, currently configured as a player but the player himself is ready soon.

- MDROID-3 - annoying, is also super fast reconnaissance robot, equipped with medium-sized projectile, we meet often during the game.

- ServiceBot - improve your health points, and specialized service to sell packages of life robot.

- EngBot - Internal, external characteristics, development and installation of specialized service robot.

- DBot - Weapons development and sale of specialized robot, its shape resembles a trash can. :)

Well, now that's it is, next time many great information, pictures and even better once I sign up!

Have a nice day! ;)

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