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Transferred game to Unity Engine. Game now 3D. Still working to regain features I added in Game Maker.

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After some debate on my part, I have now changed the game to a 3D Engine (Unity). I liked the look of my game originally, but also wanted a nice looking 3D environment to go with it. So after many hours of coding nightmares, I have now got a 3D version of the game almost to the level of the previous one. All I have to add is the enemy and other missile types and I am back where I was in Game Maker. The rest of the coding is basically done at this point.

Coding in a 3D engine is a bit of a pain, even for what should be the easy things, but I have managed to get it to a point where I am happy with my progress. As such, I though I would show you all some new screenshots of my progress in Unity.

Remember, feel free to comment your ideas. All feedback helps.


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