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Lastest development log, prior to the first official release.

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Updating the development log again:


  • Added a basic code support for .ini file to save class choice configuration;
  • Finished the basic HUD skeleton by adding current weapon's ammo vertical bar;
  • Started working on new weapons for the new class: Plasma shots and non-charged fire shot finished;


  • Finished the HUD display. Code needs to be smoothed, but it's all functional. Even added the classes icons;
  • Continued work on new weapons for the new class: Charged fire shot and non-charged earth finished;


  • Done a nice work on smoothing client network animations when running out of ammo and trying to use Alt-fire;
  • Improved charging effects: added a third-person particle FX, and a first-person weapon shake;
  • Removed Carcasses of dead players, replacing it by a particle effect with original sound;
  • Many balance changes on old weapons concerning speed and damage;
  • Added smoke effects for being on low health (black smoke on half, grey smoke on quarter);


  • Added W-Tank to replace Redeemer and other UT pickups. Currently using a sprite as pickup item;
  • Finally managed to set a client-class choose to be taken by the server - time to do the menu;
  • Continued work on new weapons for the new class: non-charged ice shot and charged earth shot finished;


  • Finished the mod menu, allowing to select both player and bot class choices, and providing information about the classes;
  • Continued work on Omega weapons: charged ice shot, both air and water shots finished;


  • Continued work on Omega weapons: both shock and nature shots finished;

As I've announced on the mod profile (which I'm constantly updating), the next version will be released when the secondary class (Omega) is finished. And right now, only one weapon lacks completion: the Junk ammunition.

Which, depending on my spare-time and mainly depending on the projectiles' complexity, may be released by Sunday... or Monday, at most.

This time, you can expect a MUCH more polished version, specially in terms of eye-candy, with two fully-working classes, chosen using the mod menu.

There may be minor bugs, since I haven't got much time to test it (and haven't got enough interested people to help me test it...), but if any of those are reported I'll release minor patched versions until next big release (with another class, which I've already got planned).

I'll still skip an UMOD version, at least for a few days after the release, and the read me will be WAY too simple, since I plan to change the mod profile to gather all information regarding the mod (including Omega weapons), so it'll probably just have installation instructions and the mod profile's address.

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