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Details about the project, progress, future plans, and more.

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Hi there, welcome to the new Moddb page for Project OHL. Let's kick off this dev log with a few tidbits about the project.

First-person Death Animations

Outdoor Scene

What is this project about?

Operation Half-Real aims to create a Half-Life inspired experience on the Unreal Engine, bringing you all new scenarios to immerse yourself in and building on what Valve already achieved with their critically acclaimed game with new ideas to spice up the gameplay.

What else do you have planned for Operation Half-Real?

Nothing is set in stone yet, but so far more levels, more toys to play with, and maybe Multiplayer and a streamlined public level editor eventually.

Why Unreal? why not just use GoldSrc or Source?

Unreal Engine's workflow gives us more flexibility and options than GoldSrc and Source, it allows us to make content much quicker and with as few constraints as possible.

Half-Real? come up with a more original title?

Will think of a better title after enough content is made and a proper storyline and theme is established, for now we'll just stick to this title as a codename for the project.

Can I try it?

You can grab the demo right here. feedback is always welcome, suggestions, thoughts and anything in between. Have fun!

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