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This is the first Development Log i post here on indiedb, this article shows our main combat system and game system

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Skill System

Rebirth Fantasy will introduce you a game where you battle using the skills you learned throughout your game play.
Our main combat system focus on skills that you will be using to battle, players can learn different skills through different ways like learning them from a NPC, learning them from using an item, learning them upon reaching a certain event, and more.
Skills are some form of attacks that require a certain weapon to use, or they can be a melee type skills


Seamless Mapping

The world are connected together to form 1 huge map, NPC can move over maps which they can freely go to different area as long as they are allowed on those area


The game also support Maximized Window state, also Multiple Resolutions

Player Equipment

Player Equipment properly show their sprite on the character

Screenshot 1

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