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Biodrone Battle gets free positionable objects and unlinear gameplay.

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Until recently, objects like computers, drone breeders, pipes, etc. were just ordinary tiles like walls and floor. Thanks to Tiled, it wasn't too difficult to switch to freely positionable objects. That means, objects can cross multiple tiles and can be rotated which makes the overall visual impression much more realistic and diverse.

Second important change is the opening of most floors from the beginning giving the possibility of unlinear gameplay. Now you can try your luck on hijacking better drones on higher floors from the very start. Of course, most of the time you should get beating up and regret your impatience...

What else has been done ?
As usually, a lot of game balancing happened:

  • Snipers are now faster but also weaker. They have a very powerful gun. If you miss your target, you can still run...
  • Communicators no longer influence the radar of other communicators, so you have an antidote against them.
  • Maintenance units are able to defend themselves by launching their shield, shooting viruses or by just running away.
  • Bombs and fire fields cause higher damage.
  • We were too generous when it came to morph energy packs. Sorry, they are of lower value now.

New drone classes are planned:

  • Spider: Carries gear for catching other drones.
  • Kamikazee: High damage meets high risk.
  • Joker: Flexible usage by changing its character.

The boss drone has been implemented (no details of that, I'm afraid...).We also have

  • Various bug fixes.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Update to Libgdx 1.5.0.
  • Smoothed drone appearance when playing with mid sized tiles.
  • Fade in and out effects for cone lights. Subtle change, but nicer looking.

Beta testers are always welcome, just get in contact.

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