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Hello, my name is Richard and i'm here to say i'm currently developing and making my new Amnesia Custom Map called Fugue, highly inspired by Amnesia: Rebirth and custom maps like Amadeus. As you can see on the images it says it's coming late 2021, I'm not really sure of this, there might be a delay because the map very big and it will take a while to make everything actually playable and good looking.

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As you know by reading the description of the game as you did? Right? If so, you can see that it's located in a Theme park, in the middle of Paris.

I was partly waiting on Frictional Games to make custom maps a thing on Amnesia: Rebirth, so i can make Fugue on HPL Engine 3 so the map looks better, but got bored so i decided to make the map on both games, so on Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Amnesia: Rebirth.

And yes the map is partly CANON to the amnesia story, so that means the same people live in the same world as Fugue, like Tasi Trianon from Amnesia: Rebirth.

Anyways i'm still planning out everything so i gotta go back to work, see you on my next post!

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