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News on the mod so far. The mod will be developed on a lot for now, but in the future it probably won't be so, since i'm doing this by myself and i have a lot of other stuff to do aswell. I will keep updating stuff here, every now and then.

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So far, the mod has changed a lot of units and everything, plus added a few, here are the changes so far. The mod will be updated a lot of times, since i currently have enough time to work on it. In the future, however, i may not, but you can expect changes every now and then and new mod versions to download.

Supreme Commander 2 -> Supreme Destruction V0.8


-Wasp: Changed into a mini drone flyer, cheaper to produce, low HP, moderate damage against air, attacks ground targets with poor damage.
-Eagle Eye/Hornet: Undergoing development to become a heavy assault plane, for now it only attacks ground targets, increased cost to 120/400 Mass/Energy, 45 sec buildtime.
-Star Lifter Transport: Increased capacity, hit points and shield strenght. Decreased speed.
-Air Fortress: Build time and HP increased, rate of unit producing increased.

-King Kriptor: Increased range and damage of main hand cannons. Cost increased.
-Fatboy: Cost and HP decreased, fire rate decreased.
-Jackhammer: Max range and damage increased, Min range increased aswell, which means it can not fire at units close to it now.

-Atlantis: Torpedo damage and build time increased, speed decreased.

-Shield structure: Increased protection from artillery, decreased build time, made the shield larger.
-Aegis shield: Increased the shield size by 2x, increased protection from artillery, shield now auto regenerates slowly. Recharge shield ability requires more energy. Build time decreased.
-Distruption artillery: Decreased rate of fire by 2x, increased damage by 2.5x. EMP shell stun effect duration increased. Range and build time increased.


-Gemini: Flying speed increased 5%, HP increased by 500. Build time and cost increased. Damage increased.
-Intellitron: HP decreased by 100, anti missile flare drop rate increased 2x, vision and radar range increased. Flying speed upgrade now affects this unit more than the other units.
-Dragon Fly transport: Increased capacity, hit points and shield strenght. Decreased speed.
-Gigant Transport: Capacity increased to 95, flying speed decreased. Build time increased.

-Brackman artillery: Fire rate increased, damage decreased, damage radius increased. This unit works great versus larger numbers of basic enemy units in tight groups.
-Loyalist assault bot: Damage decreased, HP increased.
-Cybrenasaurus Rex: Build time increased, damage increased 5%
-Megalith II: Build time decreased, HP decreased. Range (of lasers) increased.
-Bomb bouncer: Shield strenght increased.


-Shield structure: Increased protection from artillery, decreased build time, made the shield larger, recharge rate shortened.
-Unit Magnetron: Build time increased.


-Weedoboth: Bomber capabilities increased, drops 2 bombs now per fly-over. HP increased by 1000.
-HeeHola transport: Increased capacity, hit points. Decreased speed.
-Darkenoid: Increased damage of main beam, decreased speed. Increased death impact damage.
-Sooprizer gunship: Increased build cost/time dramatically, increased speed and firerate of the weak cannons, increased damage on the big cannon.

-Yenzoo tank: Range increased-
-Harvog assault bot: Anti Air damage increased.
-Universal collossus turned into an EE (Extreme Experimental), see bottom of topic for more info.
-Airnomo build speed decreased.

-Shield structure: Increased protection from artillery, decreased build time, made the shield larger, recharge rate shortened.
-Loyalty gun capture rate increased 2x.
-Space temple beacon placement time increased from 30 to 40 secconds.


Galactic collossus (Major Experimental) - Fully completed and functional.

Faction: Illuminate
HP: 50,000 (85.000 with full rank & upgrades)
Regen Rate: 100 per sec


Eye Cannon, Anti Ground,
Damage: 3510, radius 20 units (good for taking out big groups of weak units)
DPS: 300
Fire Rate: 1 per 10.5 secs

Left/Right Hand Cannons, Anti Ground,
Damage: 100, radius 5 units (good for experimental torching,
because of the bigger DPS, or taking out tanks close to the GC.)
DPS: 1000, assuming all shots hit.
Fire Rate: 5 per sec

Mass Value: 1300
Energy Value: 4250
Build Time: 200 secconds

Speed: Equivalent to other major walking experimentals (C. Rex, Kriptor)

Strenght: Deadly to land units, can re-heal very quickly so multiple weak attacks
will not do much to it.

Weakness: No defense against air, it has low HP for a major experimental,
attacking once with everything so it does not have a chance to use
it's massive regeneration rate brings it down easily.

Overall: Excelent base defense, is the most efficient anti ground unit based
on damage dealt and price.

Megalith MK III (EE class) - Fully completed and fully functional.

Faction: Cybren
HP: 200,000
Regen rate: 2 HP/sec

MassValue = 23300,
EnergyValue = 70250,
Build Time: 27 minutes.


Left/right Dual Turrets, Anti Ground.
Damage: 2000
DPS (both turrets together): 4000
Rate of fire: 1 shot per sec

Artillery Support Turret, Anti Ground.
Damage: 5000
DPS: 4000
Rate of fire: 1 shot per 1.2 sec

Back Mounted Anti Air Turret, Anti Air.
Damage: 10
DPS: 1000
Rate of fire: 10 per sec

Speed: A tad slower than the Urchinow.

MISC: Can spawn units, Brick-Bots, which far outpower normal tanks. The Megalith III spawns one each seccond. To build Brick-Bots, scelect the Megalith III and use it the same way you would use an engineer to build a structure/unit.

Strenght: Well... everything basically! Still somewhat weak if attacked by experimental gunships, tho, since it's slow and the AA gun isn't that high damaging and has a short range.

Weakness: Almost a null regeneration rate.

Overall: An EE class unit not to be underestimated. The Brick-Bots provide excelent firepower support aswell.

Universal Collossus - Not a totally new unit, it was changed into an EE class unit, and gave it's old spot as an illuminate major experimental to the Galactic Collossus mentioned above.

HP: 300,000
Regen Rate: 0 units/sec


Eye Laser, Anti Ground
Damage: Uncalculatable - Not to be made fun of, tho.
DPS: Uncalculatable - Somewhere around 9000 DPS
Fire Rate: Constant, it's a laser.

Right/Left unit launchers, Anti Ground
Same as default, did not buff them.

MassValue = 20075,
EnergyValue = 60250,
BuildTime = 27 minutes.

Speed: A tad slower than the Urchinow.

Strenght: A very, very, very powerful anti land unit.

Weakness: No health regeneration, no anti air capabilities.

Overall: Almost unstoppable base defense, is so huge that it can block incoming heavy artillery.
(Or nukes, it's big enough, tho i have never seen it happen before), Excelent at attacking if supported by anti air.

NOTE: All EE class units' husks are worth 20k mass, so reclaiming them is a good idea.

EE class unit means an Extreme Experimental. These units are meant to be the late game units, they are extremely powerful yet they cost a whole lot of resources and build a long time.
They also stick out of the factories making them like huge beacons because they are so large.
If you blow up the factory making an EE, you just helped yourself survive a bit longer.
When an EE does leave the factory, do not fret, they are not invincible. There are plenty of ways to take them down, but those, i'm afraid, are yours to discover.


looking good man !! I'm gonna try it

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RK4000 Author

I'm glad you like it. :)

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