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This article contains info about further development of the submod.

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I'm not happy to announce that, but the development of the submod is currently on hold.

Small fix has been released today.

I've made this decision because my studies are about to start and I feel that I won't have much time to develop it further.

It doesn't mean that it's completely canceled, but I'd say that I can't promise major updates (and minor, perhaps, too) any time soon.

However, there are good news. If I will have enough time, I'll make changes to this submod, or start something else - maybe similar, but more global. I have ideas for an interesting setting, but again, time is not on my hand right now.

If you have any great ideas - feel free to make your additions to the submod, but please remember to properly credit it if you want to post your work somewhere (credits are below).

This is all for now. Have fun playing my submod, or make own your additions!


QaraQalpak (Slg_1 in twcenter) - Asia Remake submod
4zumi - Total Vanilla Beyond mod
Asya Modu - some symbols (for the Ghaznavids)
Broken Crescent - some symbols (for the Ghaznavids)

Other works used in TVB:
Retrofit Mod by Unspoken Knight (TWCenter)
Grand unit addon mod by Calendarius (TWCenter)
Stone Forts Complete by Gigantus (TWCenter)
Dismounted Mailed Knights by Lord Condormanius (TWCenter)
G5 Settlement Tweaks v1.01 for M2TW\Kingdoms by Germanicu5 (TWCenter)
Historical Region Names (submod for Total Vanilla Beyond) by Balsiefen (TWCenter) (Thank you)
Dismounted Polish Nobles models by Hellvard (TWCenter)
High Quality Sky Textures Project 1.0 by Hereje (TWCenter)
Skynet AI by z3n and Europa Barbarorum II (TWCenter)
Imported Rome Berserker Model from the De Bello Mundi Mod (TW Center)
Really Bad AI 5.7 and G5 Settlement Tweaks 1.01 (by Germanicu5)
Unbroken Red Brick Battlemap Settlements (by Gigantus)

Link to original mod:

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