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This is the first Development Diary, explaining some of the key mechanics of the game.

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Project Magisi is as you may have guessed, the name of the Project. I've not decided on a set name as of yet as I am still waiting for that Eureka moment! I am hoping that as the project takes off and becomes more of a sculpted, playable game, the name will fall into place.

What can I look forward to in Project Magisi?

First up, I've always enjoyed games where most things in your surroundings can be interacted with, someway or another. I want items such as herbs growing in fields to be obtainable, mushrooms growing on the ground to be usable in brewing potions, ovens that can be opened and closed and piles of wood left over from fallen trees to be craft-able.

The game is set in a world where Magic is commonly practised, your ancestors have passed on to the afterlife and you start your adventure living with your Uncle who no longer dabbles with magic. You're going to have to learn magic with the help of others (and with a little self exploration too). There is/will be a story-line, but I do want the game to be open to exploration and adventure. Yes quests have to be completed, but in your own time and with choices that you decided to make.


A list of features already in the works or complete:

  • Foraging: gather and collect items growing around the land, which increases knowledge of the environment. Each level up will unlock new items for you to forage.
  • Cooking: use items that you have foraged to cook delicious dishes. You can find cook-books and old recipes lying around in bookshelves, which when read will unlock new recipe choices. As your cooking skill levels up, you will unlock even more dishes, your cooked wares will be worth more and they will heal more HP.
  • Fishing: cast your rod out into the lake (that is when the pond isn't frozen from the winter frost), collect not only fish, but unwanted items such as old boots, sea weed and more. The fishing skill will unlock new equipment and catches as you level up.
  • Brewing: not only can you cook items you have collected, you can turn them into potions too. Potions that can turn ponds into ice, change the time of day and even change your hair colour.
  • Dialog system: seeing as this is a world where magic runs freely, you can talk to more than just humans. From pet cats, to trapped fairies, more NPC's will have dialog, that will change with your progress.
  • Time system: stores close at night time, NPC's become grumpier if they're kept awake and fruit and herbs replenish after a couple of days.
  • Inventory system: the inventory starts off small, with only 8 slots for items. Purchasing new backpacks with more item slots is essential.

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That's all for this Development Diary, I will try and actively post fortnightly-monthly articles for you all to enjoy. I would love to hear feedback and your thoughts on the project too. Keep an eye open for ALPHA downloads that will be released very soon. Maybe you could follow us on Twitter, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks for reading! xox

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